My Attics

I have a physical attic in my house. It’s got a drumkit, sofa, kids toys, about a zillion books, old clothes, boxes of photos, a telescope, camping gear, golf clubs, dead computers and boxes and bags whose contents I’ve forgotten but no doubt contain stuff that once had some relevance or purpose for me. It’s a great place and with a bit of attention, there’s always space for more junk.
I now also have this digital attic where I can dump the junk and clutter that spills out of my head from time to time.
Since school I’ve always been a doodler and a scribbler. I begin projects with big ambitions which inevitably peter out and I move on to the next one. I’ve accumulated lots of such junk and continue to produce more. It’s probably best that the majority of it stays in a closed box, but some of it might be worth pinning on the walls or putting on the shelves of this attic.
Stuff like this picture I did for my daughter and put on Tumblr and got over 6,000 reblogs before ditching my account.
My project for 2012 is now well underway and promises a whole new slew of junk. Some of it will no doubt go straight into a closed box. Some of it may be worth pinning up here. The difference is very slight.

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