Me and the boys watched Jaws; they for the first time, me for the first time in years. Unanimously agreed it is brilliant. We had recently heard Daniel Johnston’s tribute to King Kong and thought we might make a similar tribute to Jaws: a bass, bongo and vocal freeform.

Movie poster for JawsJaws

It came to Amity

and ate the naked lady.

They found her arm

on the beach.

Crawling with crabs.


Sheriff Brody.

Wanted to close the beach.

It was the 4th of July.

Mayor Vaughn didn’t want to.

The shark ate Charlie.

His Mum slapped Brody.

Quint said he would catch it.

Along comes Hooper.

From the Oceanographic Institute.


Brody and Hooper

Find a boat drifting

A hole in the bottom.

A big tooth.

A head rolled out.

Hooper had an accident

Dropped his flashlight.


They set to sea.

In Quint’s Orca.

Brody saw the shark.

Going to need a bigger boat.

They got drunk.

Sung some songs.

The shark it attacked them.

It bashed the boat.

They chased it.

Shot it with harpoons.

Attached to barrels.

But it kept coming.


Hooper in a cage.

The shark destroyed it.

Then it ate Quint.

It bit him in half.

Brody got a gas tank

in the shark’s mouth.

He shot the gas tank.

and it exploded.

The shark it blew up.

It’s blood splattered everywhere.

Brody and Hooper

swam back to shore.